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Tomorrow, Saturday the 3rd of July, from 4PM in the Dude Ranch is the Ye Ol’Fashioned Hoedown! The Ye Ol’Fashioned Hoedown or Fiesta Americana is a western/american themed party with kids activities, BBQ, a Donkey Polo Tournament, live music and dancing, bazar and a Jack Daniel’s sponsored bar!

The Jack Daniels’s bar will be serving a range of Jack Daniel’s drinks completely free for everyone (over 18) to enjoy! On offer there will be:


Jack Daniels on the rocks: for the real Cowboys

Jackaritas: Jack Daniels, Tequila, Margarita mix….for the vaqueros locos!!!

Jack and Coke: the classic!

Americanos: Jack Daniels and Coke Zero, for body conscious cowboys!

Manhattans: the classic Whiskey cocktail, with whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters – perfect for the vaqueras!

The Jack Daniel’s Bar will be for OVER 18’s ONLY – so BRING ID!

The Ye Ol’Fashioned Hoedown is a family event for EVERYONE whether you have kids or not you’re sure to have a good time! Here is a brief ‘lowdown on the hoedown.’

WHEN? Saturday July 3rd, from 4PM

WHERE? The Dude Ranch Casa de Campo


DRESS CODE: Cowboys and Cowgirls!

WHAT?Fiesta Americana!!!! Cowboys and cowgirls expect a day of fun with:

  • Jack Daniels Whiskey Bar – with all the delicious Jack Daniels whiskey you can drink, a few otherchoice alcoholic beverages served in a special ‘saloon’ area with bales of hay and traditional wooden bar stools and tables! Over 18’s ONLY (please bring ID.)
  • BBQ – sizzling meats, burgers and hot dogs fresh of the grill provided by the CDC hotel at precios populares!
  • Kids games and activities – being organised by the Hogar del Niño, there will be a horseshoe toss, a ballon game and crab racing! Great fun for the kids!
  • Screen shot 2010-07-01 at 20.44.09A Donkey Polo Tournament Donkey Polo is a hilarious, easy and fun version of horse polo for everyone! This FREE activity is for teams of 4 people, so organise your team of Donkey-riding cowboys now! To take part you MUST register, click here.
  • A Rodeo Show – the cowboys of the Casa de campo Dude Ranch will be wowing us with their supreme horsemanship with a Rodeo show! All of Casa de Campo’s horse-riding fanatics are welcome to take part in the show, so if you’re interested let us know!
  • A Kid’s Jewelry-Making workshop – a 1 hour class for kids aged 5-12, each child will make 1 piece of jewelry, class costs RD$200 per child, to sign up contact us!
  • A Bazaar come shop at our bazar with jewelry, clothes, gifts, swim wear and more! To buy a table to promote your business or sell your products, please contact us!
  • A Kid’s Scrapbook making workshop– a 1 hour class for kids aged 7-12, each child will make 2 scrap book pages with space to add 4 photographs, class costs RD$500 per child, to sign up contact us!

To sign up for the Donkey Polo Tournament, the jewelry-making workshopthe bazar, the Rodeo Show or for more information, please contact us: Email: Tel: 809-523-2045