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Caring for your boat is a real necessity – it is a valuable asset that floats on salt water and is constantly exposed to the elements, such as sun, rain, and hard partying at Palmilla (ha-ha!). Therefore, ensuring that your vessel is in top-knotch condition is crucial to its life.

In these series of articles, I will be going over various maintenace tips and practices to care for your boat.

TIP #2 – Clean and Re-Apply Antifouling Bottom Paint


Anti-fouling paint or bottom paint is a specialized covering applied to the hull of a boat, designed to slow the growth of organisms that would attach to the hull and affect performance and durability.  Using chemicals called biocides that are released gradually during the boating season, anti-fouling paint reduces or eliminates marine growth on a boat’s underwater surfaces.  Most anti-fouling bottom paints use cuprous oxide, and generally, the more cuprous oxide in the paint, the better it will protect your boat’s bottom.  In order to re-apply anti-fouling paint, the boat must be hauled-out in a shipyard and painted by professionals.  DYMS recommends that you re-apply anti-fouling paint at least once a year.


This series of articles is contributed by Eduardo Hernandez, Business Development Manager at ERH Marine.  ERH Marine is the DR’s leading yacht distributor, with a wide portfolio of brands that satisfy all boating needs, be it fish or cruise.

Dominican Yacht Management Service (DYMS – ERH Marine’s sister company), offers services to manage and care for your boat in its entirety. This is particularly useful if you don’t live in the DR, but maintain a vessel at the Marina. All these tips (and those still to come) have been taken from the DYMS Care program, and are performed regularly on the boats under our management.