HELP HAITI: donate money now! Links to reputable charities.

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On Tuesday January the 12th, Haiti was hit by a brutal magnitude 7.0 earthquake, which as you know wreaked havoc; killing hundreds of thousands of people and destroying the homes and businesses of hundreds of thousands more.

Last week we published an article with details of how you can help, from which we received an overwhelming response and numerous collections of food, water, blankets and medical supplies have already been shipped to Haiti, where they have no doubt been gratefully received. For more details click here. THANK YOU to everyone who has already made donations!

But Haiti still needs our help! Aside from physically donating food, water and other supplies, an easier way to donate is to give money – and all donations big or small are very gratefully received.

Donating money through the internet is easy and fast and your money can be utilised effectively by the professionals who know how best to deal with this type of disaster. Of course, it can be difficult to know which website is REAL – below are a list of links which take you directly to the websites of charities which are helping in Haiti:

Google Crisis Response – donate directly to UNICEF or CARE

This link takes you to Google’s ‘crisis response’ page – a fast and easy way to donate to either UNICEF or CARE. Just fill in the amount you would like to donate and click ‘donate’ to proceed to the SECURE google checkout.

The American Red Cross:

This link will take you directly to their donations page. To donate directly to Haiti, check the box labelled ‘Haiti Relief and Development’ and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘continue.’ You will then be taken to a page to fill out your details and make your payment.

Hope for Haiti Now:

Warning – when we tried to check this website, it did NOT have a SECURE address, which we find a little dodgy, this may just be a temporary problem. However despite this website being recommended in the ‘Hope for Haiti’ concert (video above), we would recommend you use another website to donate (links above) – just to be safe!

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