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My name is Rebecca Hughes and I will be your new editor of Casa de Campo Living (CCL), which in short means you’ll be hearing a lot more from me as we work together to continue to make CCL an even better and more useful tool and source of information. I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you!


All about me!
I am 26 years old and I work full-time as a maths teacher in the Abraham Lincoln School, in Central Romana, where I teach grades 6 to 12. I have been living here in the Dominican Republic for a year now and I love the relaxed atmosphere and waking up (nearly) every day to beautiful sunshine and a sea-view. Before I moved here I was working in London, in an inner-city London school. Life in London was very different from here, the job was much more stressful (and a little scary at times) with much longer hours – deciding to come to the DR was an easy decision and one that I rarely regret (only when I am missing my family and friends back in England.)

Our vision for Casa de Campo Living (CCL)!
The entire idea of CCL is to build our community! This entire site has been created for and by members of the Casa de Campo community. If you’re reading this, you could be writing this, in fact, I hope that soon you will!

Casa de Campo Living is NOT JUST a useful, informative, interesting website – it is also OUR opportunity to build a thriving Casa de Campo community. All over England, people live in small, intimate communities – groups of people who have fun together, help each other out and gossip! So CCL is about getting to know the other people who live in Casa de Campo, and bringing us all together! This means in the future we will be announcing some fresh new ideas and initiatives in the hopes of getting like minded individuals to come together – making everyone’s Casa de Campo experience even better!

I hope you enjoy and will continue to enjoy the CCL website and that you share my enthusiasm for becoming part of the CCL community!

We want YOU! Show your support!
So you read Casa de Campo Living online, or perhaps on Facebook, Twitter or via RSS – or maybe you have no clue what that even means. The point is we want YOU to contribute to CCL.  How you ask? There are so many ways its not even funny. Do you like to write? AWESOME! Do you like to take photos? PERFECT! Did you hear about something special happening in Casa de Campo which you would like to share? LET US HAVE IT! Think we should add something to the site? TELL US!

If you would be interested in becoming a contributor, please email me at

Thank you, a pleasure, now off to work I go!

Now that I’ve introduced myself, I hope that you will all give me a big hand as I try to manage the awesome responsibility of bringing you the most up-to-date news, events coverage, sales and other information to you on an ongoing basis. If you want to help out, we would love it!

If you have any comments about my ideas, or any ideas or questions of your own, please email me or leave a comment below! And please do not hesitate to interact with us… this is after all your community.