36 years ago, the Altos de Chavón School of Design opened its doors to talented people who wanted to broaden their knowledge in the fine arts. This Saturday, May 19th, the school will be celebrating its 34th graduation that will be held for the first time ever at the amphitheater!

Over sixty students will don togas and birretes (mortar boards) and mark a milestone in their lives, beginning a new chapter as art professionals. As they move on, we wish them a very successful future and will be proud to call them Chavoneros!

Class of 2018 final exhibition

This will be a second graduation for the Santo Domingo Campus, and the thirty-fourth for the La Romana campus. Altos de Chavón School of Design will have approximately 49 students graduate from Santo Domingo in the Fashion Design and Communication Design departments and 22 from here in Fine Arts. Every student from the School of Design has been under the tutelage of excellent professors who have guided them throughout their technical careers, and who will no doubt remain advisors and sources of inspiration as they continue on their journeys.

Class of 2017

We know all students have worked hard day and night — through exciting, challenging, and sometimes stressful times, to complete projects and represent their art forms to the best of their abilities. The myriad of emotions and events over the last two years will culminate in a very rewarding graduation. 

Class of 2018 final exhibition

The exhibition of the La Romana Campus students is already up in the Altos de Chavón Gallery and will run through the weekend. It is an amazing display of youthful talent and cutting edge work; work that is both skilled and exuberant. The thesis work is a culmination of the student’s research and studio practice that has produced a stunning variety of imagery created with a vast array of materials and expertise. We highly encourage you to attend!


When: Saturday, May 19th

Where: Amphitheater, Altos de Chavón

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Exhibition cocktail: 8:30pm, La Galeria