‘Cafe del Sol’ – Altos de Chavón’s hugely popular pizza place is re-opening as Gino’s, an Italian and pizza restaurant! Yippeee!

We first heard rumors that a new Italian pasta and pizza place would be opening in Altos de Chavón in November and since then I have gone from being super excited to being impatient for the opening and now that I have had the opportunity to have a little advance tasting – I am super excited all over again!


Before we get started talking about the facts and owners etc, let me talk about what really matters – the FOOD or rather the PIZZA! So far I have tasted a Margharita (mozarella and tomato sauce), a vegetarian (zuccini, cherry tomatoes and peppers), a white pizza (plenty of mozarella and bell peppers), and a meaty one (provolone and pancetta) and here are a few adjectives I would use to describe them:

DELICIOUS, yummy, CRISPY, thin, roman-style, AUTHENTIC, light, wonderful, ITALIAN…….

In summary: I want more now!!

I am not an Italian and actually being English makes me even less qualified to talk about the quality of pizza, so here are a few quotes from reliable Italians about the pizza:

‘It’s like the pizza in Roma’ (with an appropriate amount of hand gestures)

‘Perfectly crispy and thin’ (slightly less hand gestures…this quote was from a half-Italian)

Gino’s is being opened by the same partnership who recently opened Oneburger in Altos de Chavón; Joe Lorenzo and Andrea Moscetti. Their concept for Gino’s is to serve good quality Italian food at ‘medium’ prices (which in comparison to some other restaurants in Casa de Campo, which I will not name, will seem rather reasonable!) Also helping with the set-up, menu and opening is Claudio Angeloni, whose family have owned and successfully ran the Gino’s franchise of Italian restaurants in Italy and around the world for more than 100 years!

It is Claudio along with fellow Italian Andrea who have designed the menu, which to me looks mouthwateringly delicious! For appetisers they have a good variety of Italian classics (melon and parma ham) as well as dishes traditionally served as appetizers at pizzerias, such as Supli; rice stuffed with meat in a tomato sauce and deep fried (an Italian type of Kippe) and fried zuccini flower. They have 4 types of pasta dishes, which will be served with ‘De Cecco’ pasta – one of the best types of dried pasta imported from Italy and 6 different fresh pastas (with pasta made fresh every day). They will also have 3 different types of salads and 16 different pizzas and a selection of 6 different deserts – including a ‘cake of the day’. Yummy!

Prices – although Claudio and Andrea have the menu ‘mas o menos’ ready they have not yet decided on the prices of all thedishes, but to give you an idea of how reasonable you can expect Gino’s to be, here is a quick guide:
• Pizza Margherita: RD$300
• 1 glass of house wine: RD$150
• a carafe (1/2 litre) of house wine: RD$550

So when is Gino’s set to open? Honestly we don’t know yet, but it is SOON! The kitchen is ready, the brick oven is already fired up and cooking….so we predict they will be opening within the next 2 weeks! We will let you know as soon as we know!