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Casa de Campo’s very own star architect of the Casa de Campo Marina, has published his own hardcover book “Caribbean Architecture: Exclusive Designs by Gianfranco Fini in Marina Casa de Campo “.

Arq. Fini is a staple of Casa de Campo’s social scene, a pasionate sailor and artist, who with his daughter, Nicola Fini, runs Studio Fini, which in part was responsible for the creation of the Casa de Campo Marina.

In Arq. Fini’s book, is available at the Casa de Campo Yacht Club, as well as on The book is visually stunning and would make a great addition to any coffee table or library collection. On has Arq. Fini’s book as recived an average 5 star rating, and has plenty of glowing reviews.

If you have the oppertunity, I would recomend you pick up a copy today!