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Coffee is an essential component of everyday life, even moreso in the Dominican Republic, which makes it surprising that so few places in Casa de Campo, or in the DR in general, really know how to make a great cappuccino. Lucky for us, we have now found what we can clearly call “The best Cappuccino in Casa de Campo”, and it can be found at the Marina Casa de Campo.

Given the huge amount of first-time tourism that we will be experiencing this coming April 21st, during the Rolex Farr40 Regatta, I am glad to know that the press, visitors and sailors will be able to count on getting an excellent cappuccino.

So where is this fabulous cappuccino you ask? The title that was previously held by the Casa de Campo Yacht Club, for producing a genuinely frothy and delicious cup of liquid deliciousness. In fact, its still a close call.  But given the fact that the Casa de Campo Yacht Club (CCYC) is members only, and the fact that our new contendor has been able to consistently deliver frothy yet velvety foam on its italian style cappuccinos has given us no choice other than to give the title to the Marina’s newest tenant – Cafe Bewitched.

Have you tried the cappuccino at Bewitched? If so let us know what you think by leaving your comments below.