Casa de Campo Living Dominicus beach

Dominicus beach, located just a short drive away from Casa de Campo (less than 30 mins) is a beautiful natural Dominican beach, which although not as nice as Playa Minitas in Casa de Campo is somewhere nice to visit for a change and to experience a little of real Dominican culture and life. Dominicus Beach, which happens to be 1 of only 7 Blue Flag Beaches (wikipedia) in the Dominican Republic, is characterised by it´s iconic light house, the beautiful white sand, the artisan vendors, the coconut vendors and of course, Los Lagos restaurant.

TIP: The beaches public bathrooms are located at Los Lagos restaurant. There is no sign, they can be found by walking through the restaurant and out the back – don´t be shy the bathrooms are not just for customers, they are open for everyone to use.

Los Lagos is a great beach restaurant, located right next to the Dominicus beach car park. The ambiance is ‘beachy’, and is just what you would want of a Italian / Creole restaurant. The food is very good, mainly simple fare focusing on fresh seafood and the some delicious pizzas. The seafood pizza is quite delicious!

Final Verdict: If you are enjoying a day at Dominicus, this is a great place to eat!