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Dominican-English Dictionary: Que lo Wa?

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In this week’s Dominican-English Dictionary post, Candiver Bienvenido our 100% Dominican chica teaches us how the Dominican’s use Spanglish to find out whats going on!

Want to know whats happening with your mates? Well, this week’s phrase is the right one!

‘Que lo wa?!’ means ‘what’s up?’ This phrase is a mixture of Spanish and English – the ‘wa’ stands for ‘what?’ in English.

‘Que lo wa’ is like the phrase ‘klk’ (que lo que?) also meaning ‘whats up?’ but we Dominicans always cut words to make it easy – we are kind of lazy!

For example when you arrive to a place and you want to know what’s new, you say ‘Que lo Wa?!’

Here are a few more examples:

Q. Que lo wa?? (What’s up?)

A. Naaa, Aquii!! Chillinn!! (Nothing much, I’m just here, chilling out!)

It is also used in some cases instead of klk…

Q. Candy, Que lo Wa?? (What’s up?)

A. Aqui, haciendo mi tarea para mañana. (I’m here doing my homework for tomorrow.)

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