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Dominican-English Dictionary: pin-pun

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‘Dominican’ isn’t exactly a real language, but it has enough dialects and unique words and phrases to confuse even the most fluent Spanish (or rather non-Dominican) speaker, and even some Dominicans!

As with dialects in any other country, ‘Dominican’  can be colorful and at times a tad confusing, so each week we will introduce common words in ‘Dominican’ that might be helpful for everyday use when talking in Spanish, or at least to help understand Dominicans!

We hope that these posts will be of some help, interest and amusement!

Our Dominican word of the week is:

pin-pun (pronounced peen-poon)

The same, equally. It is usually used to describe physical similarities between people, especially family members.

Example: ¡Ese niño es pin-pun a su papá!

That child looks just like his father!

This series of articles is written by Hanna Cruz, one of Casa de Campo Living’s interns.

If you have any suggestions and/or  a word or phrase, which you’ve heard being used but don’t understand, please email: [email protected]

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