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This week, Casa de Campo’s Agony Aunts; Priscilla and Brooke help a Casa de Campo bride-to-be plan for her ideal wedding in Altos de Chavón – without screaming kids!!

Dear Priscilla & Brooke,

I am planning my wedding, which will be in the beautiful church in Altos de Chavón in Casa de Campo.
I am very keen to include everyone in the family – including young children, however infants can be very disruptive….How can I tactfully address the issue without hurting anyone’s feelings? The last thing I want is a screaming child ruining the ceremony.

Anxious bride-t0-be

Screaming kids ruining a Casa de Campo wedding! Now that really would be awful! Let’s see what Priscilla & Brooke have to say about this:

Dear Anxious bride-to-be,

This is a common problem. Why not arrange baby sitters who can look after infants just outside the church, whilst the ceremony is taking place? By doing this you are not excluding children – just setting limits. You can welcome them to the dinner – where the music can drown out any crying or screaming!

Priscilla & Brooke,

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Who is Priscilla Pearl? Who is Brooke Soman?
Priscilla Pearl and Brooke Soman 
are real people, who are Casa de Campo Villa owners and who have been living in Casa de Campo for many years. Neither Priscilla nor Brooke is me (Rebecca Hughes), neither work officially for Casa de Campo Living, but both are huge fans of Casa de Campo Living and regular readers.