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Dear Priscilla & Brooke: Advice from 2 learned ladies of Casa de Campo

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Life in Casa de Campo is beautiful, but regardless of how serene and wonderful a place is, everyone has problems, dilemas and crisises! And so to help you solve all your problems we bring you Priscilla and Brooke Soman – 2 learned ladies of the Casa de Campo community who have volunteered themselves to take on the role of «agony aunts» for Casa de Campo!

Dear Priscilla & Brooke,
Recently a friend suggested that we have face-lifts together. We are both ladies in our 70’s, who live in Casa de Campo, a wonderful society, but one that tends to laud youth and wrinkle-free faces! I am conflicted by my need to look attractive. My husband says it is unnecessary as far as he is concerned. Why do I continue to obsess with this?

Dear Marsha,
Certainly plastic surgery and botox are popular «maintenance» choices in many societies and indeed in Casa de Campo, but this is a very personal decision on your part. Your self esteem is perhaps very invested in your physical appearance. It would seem to us that you need to explore this «need» before you take any action as drastic as surgery. There are always risks and they increase with age. You should talk with your doctor for further advice.
Priscilla & Brooke

Do you have a problem for our Casa de Campo Agony Aunts, Priscilla Pearl and Brooke Soman?
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Who are Priscilla and Brooke Soman?
and Brooke Soman are real people, who are Casa de Campo Villa owners and who have been living in Casa de Campo for many years. Neither Priscilla nor Brooke is me (Rebecca Hughes), neither work officially for Casa de Campo Living, but both are huge fans of Casa de Campo Living and regular readers.

Every post we will be adding extra ‘hints’ about Brooke & Priscilla’s identities – but you’ll never guess who they are!!!

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