Over Christmas a new store opened in the Marina Casa de Campo – ‘Cosi`e,’ which sells shoes and jewellary. The shop owned and managed by Laura Duffield is a shoe-lovers heaven, full from top to bottom and side to side with shoes in different colours and styles. All the shoes are Italian – made and imported from Florence. In the store you will find a wide variety of shoes, there are many different colors and styles to chose from and all our very competitively priced. They have some beautiful sandals – perfect for the beach and just what we need in this hot weather! The shop is located next door to Limoncello – in the passageway from the Calle Barlovento shopping street to the Plaza Portofino, where the shop ‘Fumo’ used to be. If you’ve not yet had a look inside, here’s a sneak peak at some of the shoes and jewelry on sale: