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Today February the 27th is Independence Day in the Dominican Republic or rather ‘el Dia de Independencia.’ As I am not Dominican I confess that I am a little ignorant as to the history of this beautiful country and so in this most Candiver Bienvenido helps us celebrate the Independence Day by sharing with us a little Dominican history.

La Bandera Dominicana by Candiver Bienvenido

La Bandera Dominicana has a meaning to us Dominicans. It was first made in the year 1838 and at this time it didn’t have the shield. The flag has 3 colours; white, blue and red.These colours represent the history lived by the Dominicans. The colour red means the blood shedded by the fighters who fought against  the Haitians for the independence of the Republic. The colour blue represents the beautiful blue sky, and the white cross represents the purity and union of the country. The shield that was then added is the only one in the world with the Holy Bible in it. It is also the only one that says God on its motto “DIOS PATRIA LIBERTAD.”

The flag was first flown on the 27th of February 1844 – the day we were freed  from slavery and became independent and got a name: ‘REPUBLICA DOMINICANA’. So every year we commemorate this date and hang our flags and try to be with the family and just have a remembering day of the people who died.

On this day we eat various traditional foods like “LA BANDERA,”  which consists of white rice, red beans and meat. It supposed to represent the Flag’s colours.

Therefore, I am happy for the big effort, the lives that were lost for us, every thing that makes us who we are today and if it wasn’t for JUAN PABLO DUARTE, MATIAS RAMON MELLA and FRANCISCO DEL ROSARIO SACHEZ, we wouldn’t be free.  I am happy to be 100% DOMINICAN!

Thank you Candiver for providing us with this wonderful article!