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Casa de Campo Regatta Presidente Cup 2009

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logop2009Another perfect year for the celebration of the Casa de Campo Regatta Presidente Cup 2009. Everything is set for the celebration of this acclaimed regatta, which this year will also be the first regatta of the Catalina – Santo Domingo 2009 Circuit, organized by the Federación Dominicana de Vela (FDV) and the Asociación Dominicana de Veleros de Competencia Oceanica (ADVELCO). The event starts on Friday March 13 with the registration process. On saturday all races start after 10.00am.  

For further details about the registration process and other inquirires, pass by the CCYC (Casa de Campo Yacht Club) or call us at 809-523-2247


Taken with permission from Marina Casa de Campo
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