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Casa de Campo Living’s SALSA FRIDAY! Bailando toda la noche!

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Last Friday the 5th of February, Casa de Campo Livong hosted it’s very first SALSA night at Rio Marina and it was a HUGE success!

The party was full and gyrating from 9pm through to 1am in the morning! Over 150 Casa de Campo villa owners, residents, friends and families and of course hotel guests turned out to enjoy our Casa de Campo Living Salsa Friday at Rio Marina!

The night kicked off with LIVE Salsa music played by an AWESOME salsa duo – on the keyboard and bongo drums, which got everyone out of their seats and dancing to the latin rhythms.

During the evening the two friendly and incredibly talented Salsa teachers conducted a free Salsa introductory class – going over the basic steps and coaching total beginners into ‘feeling’ the uniquely contagious Salsa rhythm! Over 20 people joined in the class, some beginners, and some more advanced, of course it was only very basic but it was still great fun!

Here we all our enjoying the class:

salsa class!

The class was a great success and was greatly enjoyed by everyone! Casa de Campo Living and Rio Marina will be organising more classes and Salsa nights in the future, so look out for more details soon! Rio Marina will have the same Salsa band playing this Sunday for Valentines Day, more details about Valentine’s Day specials here.

Following the class more and more people joined the dance floor until it was full with people of all ages dancing and having a fabulous time! If you missed this night – you seriously missed out!

Here are the photos:

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