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“The Secret’s in the Sauce!” Papa Jacks in Altos de Chavón is trying something new and exciting – they are currently hosting “L’Entrecote de Paris” a French ‘mobile’ restaurant, which is enhancing the Papa Jacks menu with an additional and exclusively French selection of dishes. 

The ‘mobile’ restaurant, “L’Entrecote de Paris” is owned and ran by restauranteur Susana Nouel Estrella, of Dominican-French origin, who began her French-food career in France before moving to Miami, where “L’Entrecote de Paris” was based for more than a decade. Now “L’Entrecote de Paris” is on the move around the Dominican Republic and has already been well received in Bavaro, Punta Cana and Santo Domingo and has currently taken up temporary residence in Papa Jacks, until next week.

The “L’Entrecote de Paris” menu is very simple, consisting of 4 ‘formules’ (set menus), which basically include a green salad and a main dish of beef fillet (entrecote), fish, moules (mussels) and langostines all served with french fries, yuca or veggies. Also available are a variety of French speciality dishes for starters and desert, such as escargot (snails), profiteroles and crepes.

“L’Entrecote de Paris” menu currently available in Papa Jacks, Altos de Chavón Casa de Campo

Casa de Campo Living were recently invited to do a review of “L’Entrecote de Paris” in Papa Jacks, so here are our photos, thoughts and opinions:

Green Salad with Walnuts and French Vinaigrette 
A simple green salad with a deliciously tangy vinaigrette and a generous sprinkling of walnuts for added texture and flavor, served with every ‘formule’ as an accompaniment or starter to the main dish.

Escargots a la Bouguignonne (US$7)

Given the nature of this dish, it caused quiet a stir at our table. I am unashamedly and typically British about what I will and what I will not eat – which put mildly means I have a ‘timid’ palet, otherwise interpreted as “completely terrified of trying anything new, different or slimy.” To cut a long story short, although I was a little tempted and curious, I was unable to bring myself to eat an actual snail – but I was brave enough to try the sauce dipped in bread and that was delicious! Fortunately for you, Philip and my friend Caroline both were brave enough and here’s what they had to say:
Philip Silvestri: “Best snails in Casa de Campo, I’m not exactly a snail connaisseur, but I will definitely be coming back.”
Caroline Healy (a snail virgin): “Creamy, buttery and garlicky – they have a texture like mushrooms”  

Grilled Langostinos Flambee in Anisette

As it turned out, the ‘anisette’ was essentially a delicious mild curry sauce, which we described as “a little sweet, a little tangy with a lot of flavor.” In fact the langostinos, which very definitely fall into the ‘scary food’ category as far as I’m concerned, were good enough that I ate not 1, but 3 – and I was very proud of myself for my bravery!

Steamed Moules in White Wine Sauce

Unfortunately, I was not brave enough to try the moules, I know I should be ashamed of myself, but nevertheless Philip absolutely loved them! In between slurpy mouthfuls, Philip declared “Delicious! Creamy sauce steamed in white wine, shallots parsley and cream, deliciously fused together to make a nice hearty dish.”

The famous “L’Entrecote de Paris”

Having tried, sort-off tried and wimped out of trying the ‘scary’ food, I was thrilled to have the ‘entrecote’ placed before me! With a tangy and powerful bernaise-inspired secret sauce, the entrecote, cooked in a very French way, will surely hit the spot should your need for a little taste of France be bubbling to the surface. The french fries are spot on – crispy and, well crispy. Not much more to ask for with fries. TIP: You may want to ask for the sauce on the side – the entrecote was so tender and tasty, but I personally felt it got a little lost in the sauce.


After such a big meal, we all shared this dish and ‘my friend Caroline’, who lives in Belgium and therefore aspires to be a bit of a French cuisine expert said “the cream and chocolate sauce were perfect.”

“L’Entrecote de Paris” will be available in Papa Jacks until  the end next week (Sept 3rd), BUT Susana has told us that she is hoping to stay a little longer – as soon as we know more we will let you know!

This article was written by Rebecca Hughes, editor of Casa de Campo Living and Casa de Campo’s entertainment specialist!

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