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Casa de Campo Living Reviews: Final Destination 4 – in 3D

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3d cinema

The concept of 3D cinema is in my opinion very exciting, so exciting in fact that during my recent trip to Santo Domingo, going to see a 3D movie was at the top of my list of priorities.

We decided to go to the Acropolis Caribean Cinemas and so after a short detour to the shops and one new dress later, we found ourselves at the cinema. There was of course no debate about which movie we would see – there was only one movie in 3D – Final Destination 4.

final-destination-poster(1)The first thing I will say is – make sure your 3D glasses are clean before you take your seat, the glasses are re-used and so a little scratched/dirty – I changed mine numerous times before I gave up and just sat down!

At first the special effects combined with the 3D effects were exciting, and a lot of fun to watch, but as the movie progressed I must admit I became a little bored. Final Destination 4, doesn’t exactly have a complex story line and it felt like it had been made especially for 3D, so once you’re over the anticipation of the next gruesome death, there’s not much to keep watching for. Having said that, it’s a great option if you want to watch something simple and entertaining.

I did love the 3D though – it’s fun, different and exciting, kids will absolutely love it and it definitely enhanced the cinema experience for me.

Although, I wouldn’t recommend you rush to go see Final Destination 4 – I do recommend that you give 3D cinema a try!

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