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Carnaval en Casa: Postponed!

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Dearest Casa de Campo Living readers and fellow members of the community,

We are very sorry to inform you, that after nearly 2 months of planning we have had to postpone the Carnaval en Casa.

We assure you that over the last 2 months we have exchausted numerous options to make this event a reality, but despite our very best efforts we were unable to find any companies willing to sponsor in full or in part, the costs of this event.

In the past, should we have been unable to get sponsorship we have tried to go ahead with the event as planned, mainly because the costs of the event have been minimal. In other cases such as with the Teatro de la Comunidad, when we were unable to get sponsorship and despite the high costs we continued with the event as we did not want to let down the performers and our Casa de Campo Community.

Unfortunately, we simply cannot afford to absorb the high costs which would be incurred with this event, without the assistance of a a corporate sponsor. Big or small, we need help from local companies to keep these events taking place. To avoid any confusion in the future, we will be maintaining our ‘Save the Date’ calendar, updated with the status of all the events: Postponed, Pending, Confirmed.

We are truly sorry – after so much hard work and planning, canceling was the last thing we wanted to do, but we really had no other choice! If you know of any company, local or national, that would be interested in keeping these great events alive – we know a community that would be very grateful!

In conclusion, the Carnaval en Casa has been postponed until further notice – we do not know when we will be able to hold it, maybe it will be later in the year or maybe we will have to wait to next year… least let’s say we’ve not given up hope and still have this fun celebration ‘en mente.’

Tienes un evento el cual te gustaría que promoviéramos o cubriéramos?


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