Cafe de la Leche – May 2009

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2009-5_cafe_topOn Friday the 1st of May we attended the Hogar del Niño’s Cafe de la Leche, which was hosted by Ivonna Sosa in her elegant Casa de Campo Villa. The event was a huge success and brought together over 100 of Casa de Campo’s ladies who enjoyed a wonderful evening socialising with friends in a beautiful setting with exquisite food, cocktails and coffee.

It has to be said that this month’s host Ivonna did a superb job in organising this event, her Villa looked beautiful, the service was excellent and most importantly the food and drink was incredible. To drink there were strawberry Daquiri’s which were served with 80’s style umbrellas and strawberries and a very interesting and delicious pineapple, mint and basil cocktail, as well as wine and soft drinks. The food selection was most impressive and consisted of mini salmon quiche Lorraine, antipasto, ceviche, mini sandwiches, beef ‘lomo’ on toast (my personal favourite), cheese and nut pate, cheese and olive stuffed baby tomatoes, sushi and of course a variety of tempting sweets including cheesecake, and mini chocolate souffle, all of which had labels with the Hogar del Niño’s logo. The table decorations were stunning – beautiful flowers arranged among a selection of tropical fruits such as kiwi and melon. Another nice touch was Ivonna’s ‘Cafe Bar,’ complete with menu and manned by her brother who was serving a lovely choice of coffee’s, teas, Swiss chocolate and even the option of Irish coffee.


The food and complimenting decorations were done by Ivonna’s sister in-law, Maria Isabel Samayoa, who has just moved here with her husband Joaquin from Guatamala and are setting up a catering business, if the food provided for this event is anything to go by, I am sure they will be very successful and if you are interested in hiring their services do not hesitate to contact us or Ivonna. In fact, we were so impressed by the catering that we plan to write a follow-up article on Maria and her new catering business so that we can provide you with full information on the services they provide.

The Cafe de la Leche, is a monthly event which brings together Casa de Campo’s ladies to enjoy a light snack, a few drinks and pleasant conversation with the added bonus of contributing to the Hogar del Niño charity. Each lady brings a donation of dried milk, cereal or baby formula, which is then passed on to the Hogar del Niño’s crib room where it is provides 40% of the milk needed each month.

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