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Beyond Casa: Centro Asturiano restaurant/club – a taste of Spain in the heart of Santo Domingo

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While we are obviously big fans of Casa de Campo, if you’ve spent any time reading CCL you’ve also figured out we are HUGE fans of good food. For us good food IS a reason for being and quite frankly something that we simply could not live without. It is for these reasons that we are excited and thrilled to share with you, in this edition of ‘Beyond Casa’ , a little Spanish restaurant that is simply out of this world – something you’ll not hear us say often.asturiano1

Centro Asturiano de Santo Domingo, although we are referring to it as a restaurant is actually not a restaurant, but is a type of ‘club’ much like the La Romana Country Club in Casa de Campo or the Club Caza y Pesca in La Romana.  However, it is essentially a restaurant/pub/bar, upstairs it has a formal dining area, whereas downstairs it has an informal bar-like area, and outside patio, where food is also served.

ciderTo start with, you must order a bottle of cider  ‘Sidra de Asturias,’ this type of cider is traditionally poured in very small quantities from a height into the glass, this technique is called escanciar un culín and is done to add air bubbles, thus giving it a sparkling taste like Champagne. If you are skilled in this special pour, or game for laugh you can try this technique yourself, otherwise they have these little machines that will ‘simulate’ the function of the long pour. Surprisingly, it works remarkably well.

Next up, the Papas Bravas are a must. A generous portion of potatoes with the a stripe of cheese, a stripe of slightly spicy tomato sauce and a last stripe of a freshly made, garlic mayonnaise – outstanding! Next on your must order list is the ham croquettes and/or the authentic chorizo in cider – simply spectacular! While the rest of the food is imaginably up to the same level, it is hard to order more, when one is as throughly satisfies as we were!

bill asturiano

Lastly, we must discuss the price. While this is by far the best authentic Spanish restaurant we have found in the Dominican Republic so far, and by all indications, has authentic freshly imported foods, the price is simply impressive in it’s… well, just see for yourself.

I hope that after reading this you are inspired to visit this gem of a restaurant for yourself next time you are in Santo Domingo.

Centro Asturiano de Santo Domingoasturiano2
Av.Bolivar No 58, Gazcue

The President is Rafael Rodriguez Garcia, and his contact details are as follows:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 809-682-2156 or 809-854-3456

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