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Visiting Altos de Chavón for the first time is breathtaking; with it’s cobbled plazas, stone buildings and a stunning view of the Chavón river – it is certainly very impressive and a worthy tourist attraction. Every day several bus loads of tourists arrive into Altos de Chavón, and one day last week I went out and joined a group as they explored our enchanted stone city, looking at Chavón through the eyes of a tourist was quiet an experience….

During the week, Altos de Chavón comes alive with music and dancing! There are a large group of dancers/entertainers dressed in different Dominican traditional costumes, who welcome visitors to Altos de Chavón with a lively dance show, which of course unsuspecting tourists find themselves taking part in!

The dancers do a show in front of the church

Tourists love to take photos and so as well as dancing and looking pretty the dancers/entertainers spend much of their time happily smiling and posing for photos. The costumes represent different areas, times and traditions from around the Dominican Republic and so are in themselves rather interesting.

Say ‘Cheese’

Walking around Altos de Chavón with a group of tourists is a surprisingly magical experience – having lived here for 2 years it is easy to forget how gorgeous it is, the excitement felt by tourists discovering Chavón for the first time is infectious and I found myself admiring its beauty all over again!

Here are my photos of Chavón being really enjoyed by a group of tourists: Altos de Chavón, a fun day out!!