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Adios Papa Jacks!

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You read that right. The good old Papa Jacks where many of us may have destroyed a few too many neurons, ehem, I mean, shared in many a great time is gone. The bar some us us grew up with is no more. The bar where many of us had our first drink, or at least our first stupor is no more…

Gone are the days of hoping you did not have to use the rest room.
Gone are the nights of drinking cheap drinks while sitting on hard rocks.
Gone are the days of stumbling all over Altos de Chavon…. ok, maybe those days are not quite gone.

In fact, melodrama aside, Papa Jacks is not technically going anywhere. More than anything, it is getting a little cosmetic facelift – inside AND out. A whopper of one at that.

The interior designer responsible for Casa de Campo’s La Casita, The Beach Club by Le Cirque and the Cygalle Healing Spa, Mayra Gonzales, has been hired to bring Papa Jacks up to date. Obviously, she knows what she is doing.

While many of us have scoffed, frowned, kicked and screemed about the changes that it will under go, there is no one to deny that it was indeed about time. Nostalgia aside, Papa Jacks was due for a facelift. Having spoken to the owner, David Black, and to Mayra Gonzalez herself, we have a pretty good idea of what is coming – and its exciting.

First things first – the inside will be remodled and made to be a little more comfy and loungy. The artists shall still rule, home they shall continue to call it. Concious of its importance to the students, Papa Jacks is not only keeping them in mind, but incorporating them in the design. Three groups of two to four students will be responsible, under the supervision and good taste of Mrs. Gonzalez, for painting three distinct areas inside the bar, reflecting different feelings and moods.

Outside there will be even greater change. As this article makes its way around the internets, they are building a wooden deck outside. Thats right – a wooden deck! It looks good already and they are not even half way done, though we understand that everything should be completed by the begining of December.

In the coming days, we’ll keep you abreast of the progress as well as share any additional juicy tidbits of information that may come our way.  Maybe even venture into the construction itself and see what we see.

In the meantime, we will always remember with the greatest affection, our little hang out that treated us so well over the years – the original hang-out in Altos de Chavon – Papa Jacks.

Heres to the good old days!  Cheers!

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