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Abraham Lincoln School Annual Art Exhibition 2019

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This year’s art exhibition displayed a vibrant and eclectic range of artwork from the pupils at Abraham Lincoln School. The exhibition featured work from Pre-Kinder through to 12th Grade.

Lower school children take part every year in an art project based around a specific theme or material. This year Mrs. Tarnya Beras (lower school art coordinator) asked the children to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. On the ground floor, we were taken away into outer-space in a child-sized rocket made by Pre-Kinder. Stars hung from the ceiling while 2D space pieces from each child in Kindergarten to 5th Grade filled the walls around. 5th grade’s astronauts hung next to salt painted moons by 1st grade. 4th grade did a series of paintings illustrating by stages of the Apollo II lunar mission.

Lower school artwork had been placed thematically, along with the art of a similar theme from the Upper school, creating a wonderful flow around the gallery. Portraits of Frida Kahlo by 2nd grade sat beautifully underneath headdresses made by talented Grade 12 students. A bright, colorful abstract piece made by the youngest members of the school was certainly a highlight. Fourth grade brought some culture and color to the exhibition with wonderful Aztec inspired masks. Literacy had also been used as a starting point for lower school artwork. Mr. Anderson’s class used a book titled ‘Small Mouse, Big City’ to inspire their one-point perspective pieces, while Miss Falconer used the story ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ as a basis for sunset silhouettes of the main character and his dog searching for boats to rescue them.

Upper school students investigated a range of artistic styles, mediums and subject areas through the guidance of Leanne Percival (Head of Art & Design) such as environmental art, scientific illustration, nature, portraiture, and literature. A whole section of the gallery was dedicated to art within different cultures from across the world. This room featured delicate Venetian masks, flamboyant Dominican masks, vibrant Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ skulls, intricate Islamic art and African art.

Many parents came to see the exhibition despite the heavy rain and there were many compliments with regards to the general presentation and the incredibly high standards of the artwork.

Highlights of the evening included the creative 12th grade headdresses, the amazing self-portraits and Impressionist landscapes by 11th grade, the vivid animal illustrations and Dominican maks by 10th grade, the ornate Baroque style Venetian masks and beautiful Moroccan tiles by 9th grade, the imaginative book sculpture project and birds project by 8th grade and 7th grade’s eye-catching designs highlighting contemporary Mexican folk art as well as their scientific illustration of cells and grade 6’s 3-D sculptures.

Headmaster, Mr. Harry Magee, commented that this was definitely one of the very best school exhibitions ever.

Pictures and further information on the exhibit courtesy of the Abraham Lincoln School.

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