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A true coffee shop experience

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Promoted as something between a deli and a great place to pick up a few odds and ends instead fighting the supermarket crowds of busy days, Block & Barrel feels more like a nice US coffee shop. Providing free internet access and Starbucks Coffee is only the beginning, though a good starting point.  If anything, Block & Barrel is, in my humble opinion, better than a Starbucks – save the lack of comfy and plush seating. It does however have comfortable enough tables and chairs, which are ideal for working on a laptop with.

Located in the Coconut Mall at the Marina, Block & Barrel has a charming ‘outdoorsy’ atmosphere, with white umbrellas, tables and chairs outside, and a more old world style wooden finish inside.

Inside you’ll find a nice selection of snacks, wines, liquors, sandwiches, real Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, Starbucks blended coffee and so much more. Outside the store, though still inside the mall, they have a bar and seating area – perfect for grabbing a drink right before the movie theater which is conveniently down the hall. The drinks, for your information, are also very nicely priced, making it even more attractive. The staff here is knowledgeable, eager to help and speak some English.
On a rainy day, or just a lazy Sunday, this is an ideal place to go, check your email with a fresh brewed cup of Starbucks joe and maybe a spicy Italian sub, finished of with the New York style Cheesecake.


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