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Well, its official, aside from the typical drinking, dancing and partying that takes place during Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Casa, this year marks the first year that Casa de Campo will host an event of unprecedented scale and scope – the Andalusia Fair. This fair is based on the original fair of Sevilla, which has been rocking hard for over 100 years!

This event has now made it to the Caribbean, and is hosted by Casa de Campo. Like the original Fair, it will have a special area with over 50 tents (for purchase), which can be setup in the traditional style of the living rooms of those participating… or somewhat more modern, as I suspect some will do. The festivities will rage on for 4 days, beginning daily at 9am, going non-stop till 5am…. that’s right, there are a few hours for some sleep and enjoyment. Unlike the original Fair, there Casa de Campo will be providing its own twist on the event, by hosting tournaments of all sorts – Sailing, Golf, Tennis, Shooting, etc….

I have no doubt that it will be one heck of a party! While you’ll be able to count on me to provide some coverage of the event, I strongly recommend you make plans to get yourselves down here and participate in what will no doubt be a long standing tradition for decades to come – don’t you want to be able to say you’ve been there since the beginning….

The party kicks off the 5th of April till the 8th (technically the 9th at 5am)…. be sure to make your arrangements soon, as the word is spreading fast! For more info, check out the site:
Vale chicos, nos veremos ahi!