The Spanish are coming, the Spanish are coming!

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You read right! For Semana Santa (Holy Week), Casa de Campo will be the host to the first annual Andalusia Fair in the Caribbean. Its an exciting four day event that will begin the 5th of April and continue on till the early morning of the 9th.

What an event it will be too! There will be a plethora of activities from Golf (of course), shooting, Tennis, a Regatta, an exhibition Polo tournament and more… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In the main area (right outside the Altos de Chavon Amphiterter), there will be over 40 tents (some still available for sale), ranging in sizes from medium, large and mega! These tents are being snapped up by locals – businesses and individuals, and will serve as their home during the event, in which they will be able to recive guest, drink, dance and be merry. As with the original Fair in Sevilla, these tents are on a first come first serve basis, and once you’ve secured your tent, you’ll have the right of first refusal for following years… and given the fact that the Feria de Abril (the original name for the Fair) has been going strong for over 140 years, this is a good reason to get them while they last!

So back to the festivities… the entire resort will be in full Andalusian flurry during this time, but the main event will take place in the main area… there will be Fashion shows, traditional Fair activities, Tapas, Wines, Churros & Hot Chocolate (starting at around 2am), DJ’s & Dancing, and oh so much more… you can see the full program of activities online at

Did I mention that there will also be a concert! That’s right! Diego Torres will be performing live in the Altos de Chavon Amphitherter on Saturday the 7th.

While I will do my best to keep everyone posted on the activities as they unravel (they’ve already started setting up the tents – photos to come), I do hope that you will be able to participate and join in the festivities.

Vale chico y chicas!

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