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MIR Fashion Show Weekend

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Its that time of the year. Time to get your glamour on. Time to get your Guayabera pressed. Time to get your best ‘casual’ clothing out. Time for a little botox if your into that sort of thing. And of course, time to open your hearts – and your checkbooks, for this good cause. 

Of all the charity events that take place in Casa de Campo, the Fundacion MIR Fashion show, is by far the most prominent. Its long standing tradition of throwing a chic fashion show goes back almost, if not more, than two decades. Though don’t take my word for it… I’ve done no due diligence for this article… best if you check out their site: http://www.fundacionmir.org.

As ‘THE’ annual event, the MIR Foundation Fashion show weekend is the time to be seen in Casa. It is the time to dress up for a good cause and mingle with the most beautiful and influential people. While some business does naturally goes on here, for the most part it is all social and partying, but all for a good cause, of course. So its

I’m still a little indesicive as to whethere or not to attend… so I’ll leave it up to my readers. If I get enough enthusiasum, I’ll make it and take all the pix you like.

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