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Great Vacation Guaranteed!

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Ok, well at Casa de Campo that’s a pretty much a given, weather permitting. So as we are heading into the nasty old hurricane season, there is one thing that every traveler should know… Casa de Campo has a 105% hurricane Guarantee!

This type of feature is so unique in fact, that it was recently featured in an article on «Travel Weekly» (the national newspaper of the travel industry) various travel related suppliers which where providing hurricane coverage to their offerings, of which I am happy to see that Casa de Campo was the ONLY hotel on this list.

Casa de Campo, La Romana, Dominican Republic, offers a full refund plus a 5% credit toward a future stay if a hurricane watch or warning is issued within 48 hours of a clientÂ’s stay or if their travel to the resort is interrupted by the same incidents. For more details, visit http://www.casadecampo.com.do/en/cdc_105-hurricanguaranteesp. 

I noticed this on their website recently and I must admit, that I had to read it a few times, before I realized that these folks are really focused on making sure that everyone has the ultimate vacation. They say you cant control the weather, but Casa de Campo they prove that neitherr can it control you.

So anyone coming down to Casa can feel confident that all is certain to turn out 105% perfect!

Kudos to the Casa crew for this one!

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