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Its just another day in paradise…

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Its just another day in paradise…

Ok, so I’ve noticed that there happens to be a continuous stream of interest in Casa de Campo. People keep asking all types of questions, many of which if you are reading this, you may have thought about as well, such as:

  • Is it really a good place to vacation?
  • Is it really a great place to invest?
  • What is there to do?
  • Who goes there anyway?

Well, good news and bad… I wont really be answering these questions directly, but rather I will gleefully be putting up any random thoughts, experiences, photos that may strike me as appropriate. While I am at it, you decide if these answer your questions or not.

I’m also happy to answer any questions posted in the comments, but naturally this is completely dependent on 1) if I have the time, 2) if I am in the mood, and 3) if I know the answer.

Other than that Enjoy.

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