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RUMOR ALERT: Casa de Campo prepares to fight recession with fabulous new rooms… and more?

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With details slowly being release about the complete renovation of over 80 hotel rooms, we’ve heard little by way of any juicy details on what we are sure is being kept as a wonderful surprise. Nevertheless, we’ve been able to get our hands on a photo of what appears to be the new hotel room, which looks absolutely incredible. From what we are able to see, the rooms have not only kept their charm, but substantially upgraded the furniture, look and feel.

The wooden balcony sliding doors, which for so long have been a hallmark of Casa de Campo hotel rooms, seem to have been given a little touch-up as well, but appear to keep the spirit they have always had. Looking closely, it appears that there might be a second screen door as well, which would be a welcome addition for those who love the warm Caribbean weather, yet not so fond of the occasional bug. If so, its a nice touch, which seems to indicate that major improvements will be detail oriented. On the walls we see some sugarcane related photographs, which seem to pay homage to the origins of Casa de Campo and Central Romana. This is yet another nice touch.

We hear through the vine that the new rooms “are only the beginning of news to come”- wow! We look forward to passing on the buzz we hear and photos we happen to snag, and post for you to see!

If you have any comments about the new rooms, please feel free to give us a heads-up, by sending us any information you may have to [email protected]

We also have it on good authority that rooms may not be the only things changing… more to come as things are confirmed.

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