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Remarkably good. The collective works of Hugh Wilson, Hannah Parr, Alma Peguero & Julio Marcano

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Artist in ResidencyOn Thursday 13th of November, the long awaited Artist in Residence Exhibition opened featuring creations from Hugh Wilson, Hannah Parr, Alma Peguero and Julio Marcano. 

Artist in Residency 2The combination of these 4 artists very different styles and techniques made for a very interesting exhibition, which will remain open at The Gallery in Altos de Chavon until December 13th.

Hanna Parr’s impressive pieces composed by different parts made of wood and also appealed to the Dominican culture through examples of installation – including an amusing piece featuring Dominican everyday items – matches, OFF mosquito spray, cleaning products etc.

Meanwhile Alma Peguero’s work was characterised by delicate and detailed pieces featuring nature and animals, all beautifully intricate. In addition Alma also presented tiny ceramic works, including a miniature representation of carnaval masks.

Hugh Wilson, who having recently moved to the Dominican Republic with his family chose to visit the Batey’s in the greater La Romana area, and the resulting work was both haunting and beautiful. Click here to read out interview with Hugh Wilson. 

Artist in Residency 3

And finally there was the serene paintings by fashion designer Julio Marcano. Having devoted himself entirely to fashion design for many years, Julio seeks to express his emotions through his own language, working for this exhibition abstract artwork under the concept of “Blue Memories”.

Over the next few works we look forward to interviewing Hannah Parr, Alma Peguero and Julio Marcano. to bring you more about this beautiful exhibit.

Artist in Residency 4

Congratulations to the artists!

The following collection of images were taken by Maria Baez during the opening of Artists In Residence at The Gallery in Altos de Chavon: 

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