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Fox News: “Dominican Republic is still safe.”

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Yes there were some isolated cases of Cholera within Casa de Campo and YES there are some cases of Cholera in the Dominican Republic, but this is NOT a reason to panic, it is not a reason to stop eating (if you live here/are already here) and it is certainly not a reason to cancel/postpone a holiday or visit. As was declared by Dr Manny of Fox news earlier this week the “Dominican Republic is still safe.”

In his article “Despite reports, Dominican Republic is still safe” Dr Manny, a reporter and doctor for Fox news, says:

If there were cases of Cholera in Casa de Campo – how can it be safe now?
The resort of Casa de Campo has been and will continue to be safe. Casa de Campo’s food preparation facilities, kitchens and restaurants adhere to stricter food safety guidelines than that of a 5 star hotel or restaurant in New York and have done even before the outbreak started – they had to, to become a member of the Leading Hotels of the World.
This means that ALL food and drinks prepared in a Casa de Campo resort kitchen will have been meticulously prepared, cleaned and cooked – NO RISK OF CHOLERA.

So how did Cholera get into Casa de Campo?
As I explained in my previous article on this topic “External Caterer brings Cholera into Casa de Campo,” Cholera was contracted by guests at a PRIVATE wedding, which took place in a PRIVATE villa, which was catered by an OUTSIDE caterer. The wedding hosts brought in a caterer, who does not work for Casa de Campo and it was this caterer who served lobster, which were infected with Cholera.

‘OUTSIDE’ caterer? So what – if there is Cholera surely I could still be infected?
Surely Cholera is Cholera – it doesn’t matter who brought it in, does it? Of course it matters! If someone decided to export some infected lobster to the United States and as a consequence a number of people became ill with Cholera – this would not be the fault of the United States, but the fault of the person who brought it in and it would certainly not mean that the United States was suddenly unsafe and unclean. Although whos to blame doesn’t matter, the point is that the Dominican food supply is NOT infected with Cholera and therefore it is safe to continue eating here (as I myself and all the other millions of people living here) can testify to.
Dr Manny also agrees that the food is safe, “This isolated incident was created by the individuals who were managing the food. It had no relevance to the food supply, which is currently very healthy and very safe in the entire island of the Dominican Republic.”

Is it really safe?
YES! As someone who lives, eats and breathes in Casa de Campo I can honestly say that yes it is safe. How do I stay safe?
1. I drink and cook with bottle water (because the water is chlorinated, not because it is dirty)
2. I eat properly cooked foods
3. I eat in restaurants that I know and trust (like the Casa de Campo resort restaurants.)

Later this week we will be touring the Casa de Campo food preparation facilities and kitchens – so that we can bring you a more detailed report on their safety processes and procedure.
If  there is anyone in the Casa de Campo community who would also like to take this tour – please contact us and we would be happy to arrange it for you.
Email: [email protected]

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