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Follow us on Twitter – tweeting live from Dueños ‘09

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Casa de Campo Living is on Twitter! And this weekend we will be sending LIVE tweets all day from the Dueños ’09 events. Dueños ’09 is an all day event which begins at 7am with a yoga and pilates session on the Playa Minitas and continues all day with a range of exciting activities; tennis, golf, shooting, horseback riding and polo, culminating with a dinner/dance party at the La Romana Country Club.

We will be at each and everyone of the events doing our normal thing – taking photos, schmoozing as well as for the first time tweeting! Our ‘tweets’ will be live updates as to how events are going and we will even include some photos, so you can keep up with events as they unfold, even if you can’t be here (poor you)!

As well as these live Tweets, Casa de Campo Living also ‘tweets’ all our new articles as they are posted – so to get live updates every time a new article is posted visit: and start following our tweets today – @cdcliving

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