Parties in Casa: Camila’s Halloween Birthday!

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Last Saturday the 23rd of October Halloween came early for Camila Alonzo and her friends as they celebrated Camila’s birthday party with a Halloween themed bash at the Club Caza y Pesca in La Romana.

Camila and her friends from the Abraham Lincoln school had a wonderful time at the party (as you can see from the photos) and here is a note from Camila, to tell us all about her party:

Hey I’m Camila and this is an article about my b-day! My party was on the 23rd of October and it was in Club Caza y Pezca. I’m going to tell you who came to my party, well I’m in 5th grade, so I invited my class and some of the other class and I invited my BFFs Leticia Coudrey and Adriana Jimenez and some of my other friends from school. The birthday party was for ME hahahaha! My party was had a Halloween theme – I did a lot of stuff, I danced, I gave prizes out, I had alot of fun! My friend Jorge Manuel Luis and other people made my party very fun, but mostly those people i mentioned – we danced we had alot of fun!! WELL THATS ALL.

The Birthday Girl Camila, her Sister Valeria and Mom Patricia


As you can see from the photos below it was a very FUN party!!!

Don’t forget this weekend there are even more Halloween parties, here are the details:

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