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Celebrating the ‘Dia de la constitución’ at the Museo Arqueológico

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Every year on November 6th the Dominican Republic celebrates the ‘Día de la constitución’ to commemorate the day the the Dominican Republic’s first constitution was adopted. 

(This year the national holiday of the ‘Día de la constitución’ falls on a Saturday, which means for many that it is not an extra day off work! )

To celebrate the ‘Día de la constitución’ the Museo Arqueológico along with the Colegio Calasanz from la Romana is presenting a theatrical production of 6 different scenes, each addressing the different conflict of interests, during the time the constitution was first signed; the arrival from exile of the father of Juan Pablo Duarte, the process of independence of the Dominican Republic, the characters responsible for this historic event. This celebration will take place on Tuesday the 9th of November NOT on the actual day!

Everyone is welcome to come and join the celebration at the Museo Arqueológico, from 5-7pm on Tuesday the 9th of November.

Here is there invite to the event:

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