Ali F. Alzayani, a Bahraini businessman stranded in DR due to lockdown, posts his daily adventures whilst quarantined in Casa de Campo

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What to do if you are traveling on business and suddenly the country you are in is called into a state of emergency due to a global pandemic and you cannot go home? Well, try to make the most of it.

This is exactly what happened to 39-year-old Bahraini businessman, Ali Faieq Alzayani, who became stranded in the Dominican Republic since March 20th, and in order to keep his family up to date on how he is he has taken to posting his daily adventures on his Instagram account. “When I arrived at my hotel in Santo Domingo, I was told to get out of the city because the government was locking down the capital imminently. As a result, I had to drop everything including my business meetings, and convinced a local taxi to drive me all the way to the town of La Romana. Through a series of mishaps that led to a canceled flight, while on a business trip to establish new tobacco and coffee supply channels in the Dominican Republic, I had no way home,” said Alzayani. “I was fortunate enough to stay with a good family friend, Don Charly in his home in Casa de Campo, and face the quarantine and lockdown period together in what many would call paradise.”


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One man, One virus, One mission.. Survival at all costs! #bahrain #coronavirus #covid19 #quarantine #lockdown

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In order to survive the pandemic, Mr. Alzayani and Don Charly established a daily routine which includes taking inventory of food and other household items and visiting the supermarket to restock whilst maintaining the government imposed social distancing protocol in the country. He’s also he’s taken the opportunity to improve his Spanish, walk around the complex, fine-tune his talent for the culinary arts, enjoy fine wine, tequila and cigars on a nightly basis to what he jokingly considers are preventive measures against the coronavirus.

In the evenings they also make sure to get some fresh air during their long walks which can be more than 14 km through winding trails, over hills and creeks, while respecting the local mandatory curfew.

“All in all, it’s been an amazing and sometimes crazy experience to escape the pandemic in paradise. I can see how many people out there are suffering in the real world and understand how fortunate I was to be able to spend this time here but hope my plight brings some humor to their daily lives, god willing,” said Alzayani. 

Images and video from Ali Faieq Alzayani Instagram account @afz8382

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