A Casa de Campo Villa Owner’s Dream Come True

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dream_topDr. Manuel Camejo and his wife, Brunilda, were both born and raised in the Dominican Republic, but normally reside in Springfield, Missouri, where Dr. Camejo dedicates most of him time to a very successful Ob-Gyn practice. They have owned a villa at Casa de Campo for the past few years, and have made the resort more than a second home, a very unique place to bring their three sons, Ivan, Eric and David, and their friends and relatives on vacation and on special holidays throughout the year. They dream of one fine day returning for good and retiring in Casa, their “little piece of heaven on Earth”.

Brunilda is a fan of Andrea Bocelli. Wait, let me rephrase that or risk being the author of the mega-understament of the year – Brunilda considers herself Andrea Bocelli’s Fan Extraordinaire. Upon further questioning, she smilingly admits there are possibly few other people on the planet more devoted to this artist and his amazing work. “For years, his incredible voice has been a constant companion in many special occasions of my life – there is no other artist that can actually bring in me the emotions that Mr. Bocelli can. God has blessed him with the most enchanting gift”, she tells me.

So, when she heard that Mr. Bocelli would give a concert in Altos de Chavón, she did not think twice. She immediately booked two plane tickets and, resigned husband in tow, flew all the way from Springfield to be here. “Imagine”, she says excitedly, “the artist I consider to be the best in the world, in the most magical setting of this region, practically in my neighborhood… how could I miss it?” Well, she didn’t. Better yet, she made up her mind to meet Mr. Bocelli in person! And she did!

“I was basically eating my nails when I arrived in his villa, totally unannounced”, she confesses. “His wife, Veronica, was the sweetest thing. She told me Mr. Bocelli was resting, but after I explained, she absolutely refused to let me go without making my dream of meeting him come true.”

And suddenly there he was, taller than she expected, dressed casually and with a big smile on his face. “He is such a gentleman. Although he must have heard what I said thousands of times before, he politely acted as if it was the very first time ever”, says Brunilda, laughing out loud. She was amazed to see how nice and completely relaxed they were in the company of this total stranger – as if she was an old friend. A picture? Oh, please, take as many as you want. They were delighted!

And what about the concert? “It was amazing, definitely worth the trip!”, she says underlining every word, “My hair was standing on end for most of the performance – the guest artists, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Santo Domingo, the repertoire….Wow, what a treat!”

As for Dr. Camejo, he jokingly shares his concern that now “there is a good possibility I will find our wedding photograph relegated to a very unfavorable position on our coffee table. No way I can compete with that picture of her with Mr. Bocelli!”

Article by: Vivian Dickson-Morato



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