Volunteers from the Fundacion MIR and CARE lend a helping hand in HAITI

fundacion MIR

It has now been over two weeks since our neighbouring country, Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake and although literally hundreds of tonnes of aid in the form of food, water, clothing and medical supplies and millions of dollars have been donated to help – the suffering continues. Here we bring you some heartwarming tales of people on the ground in Haiti – making a real difference.

Our first story comes from the Fundacion MIR:

The above photograph is of a volunteer named Benny (the one in the scrubs), he is currently a medical student, who volunteers at the Fundacion MIR’s Clinica de Famila MIR and HIV clinic, here in La Romana. Benny was the first volunteer to be sent over the border by the Fundacion MIR, who told us “We are very proud of him and the work he is doing.”

Our second story was sent to us by Simon, a Casa de Campo Living reader, who sent us the following information about the work CARE is doing to help in Haiti.

The international non-profit group CARE already has over 100 of its workers on the ground in the country and the organization is also raising money to deliver aid to the 3 million people affected by the disaster. The group has been there since 1954, so they have the infrastructure in place to begin giving aid immediately.

To donate money to CARE, click on this link: http://www.care.org/haiti

For details on how to donate food, water, medicine and other supplies, click here or to donate MONEY click here.