The volunteers at the Hogar del Niño proudly present the new infirmary!

Hogar del nino - infirmary

Greetings from Kristen, the long term Hogar del Niño volunteer from Stonehill College. I am so excited to share with you, pictures of the Hogar del Niños’ newest addition – the infirmary.

It is the Hogar del Niños founding principle to never to turn away a child and this includes a sick one. Finally these children will have a place to rest, and get better without getting their peers and teachers sick.

casa de campo living - hogar del nino infirmary

This infirmary includes cribs for five sick little ones, a TV for calm movie watching, a fully plastic and germ free eating area, comfy pajamas for each patient, information on typical childhood illness for parents and most importantly around the clock care.

casa de campo living - hogar del nino infirmary 2

The new infirmary is located right next door to the doctors office, to insure the children get all the medical attention they need as they recoup. The infirmary has been funded so far by, centered in New York. The beautiful mural was painted by spring break volunteers from Stonehill College.

casa de campo living - hogar del nino infirmary 4

Everything is perfect and ready for the grand opening except for one problem – it is stifling hot for our little ones with fevers! It is essential that a portable air conditioning be put in the infirmary to make it comfortable and effective in the children‘s healing.

In order to fund the infirmary’s essential air conditioning we are allowing you to sponsor “get well art” for the infirmary. Each frame holds a picture of an animal as well as a “get well” saying for the children. When you purchase one of these frames for US$100, your name will be printed on the outside to be hung in the infirmary permanently showing your support and well wishes for the recovering students. The funds collected will allow us to purchase an air-conditioning and DVD player for the infirmary.

These are the art frames we are asking YOU buy to sponsor the new air conditioning for the infirmary:

casa de campo living - hogar del nino infirmary 3

If you are interested in sponsoring a frame or would like to see our new infirmary first hand, please email me at [email protected] or ask for Kristen at your next visit to Hogar del Nino.