The Hogar del Niño Weekend: Golf Tournament and exciting helicopter ball drop!

This weekend is the annual Hogar del Niño fundraising event, which involves many interesting events and activities; a visit to the Hogar del Niño, a homes and gardens tour, tennis, polo, biking, partying and a golf tournament – which you can enjoy parts of even if you don’t play golf!  

The golf tournament will take place at the la Romana Country Club and will be played in 2 parts – with one group of golfers starting at 8am in the morning and the other group playing in the afternoon, teeing off at 1:30pm. In the middle all golfers, their partners and families are invited to enjoy the festive atmosphere at the la Romana Country Club, where we can expect a brindis of food and drinks from the event’s many sponsors, the awards ceremony for the Bike Marathon and the exciting helicopter ball drop!!

What is the helicopter ball drop?
The helicopter ball drop is an exciting way to give to the Hogar del Niño with the added bonus of potentially winning some money back! For this exciting event which is as exciting to watch as it is to take part a small helicopter hovers above the La Romana Country Club driving range and throws hundreds of numbered golf balls out of it’s door towards a hole…..the ball which lands in the hole is pronounced the winner!! The owner of the winning ball gets a cash prize!!
To take part all you do is buy a ball (or a few!!)
Cost of balls: $US25 for 5 (this has not been confirmed but is the price of the balls last year)

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