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Congratulations to the winners of the 1st La Romana Corre!

On Sunday, August 6th, the running club 026 Runners celebrated a very successful 1st La Romana Corre Race. After months of planning and organizing, they were finally able to see the fruits of their labor when more than 500 runners from all over the country came to La Romana to run bright and early. 

The starting and ending point of the race was the Francisco A. Michelli stadium where hundreds of runners arrived. The day began with a beautiful moment of prayer by Mrs. Kathy Duverge, followed by a warm up Zumba session with Andy Omar Johnson, a well-known environmentalist and TV host in La Romana. At 6:10 am, the group of 10k runners started off on the designated route and were joined minutes later by the 5k runners. 

The winners of the 5k men’s race were: Jilberto Santana Manzano in 1st, Ramoncito Mejía in 2nd, and Francis Peña in 3rd, who received prizes in the amounts of RD $10,000, RD $7,000, and RD $5,000 respectively, courtesy of the race’s many sponsors. In the women’s category, Deyanira Diaz won 1st place, Idelcia Yolis 2nd, and Anny Jiménez 3rd, receiving RD $7,000, RD $5,000, and RD $3,000 respectively, as well as their trophies.

In the category of the 10k men the winners were: Mario Doroteo in 1st place, Luis Enrique Medina in 2nd and Pedro Manuel Herrera in 3rd place, who also received RD $10,000, RD $7,000, and RD $5,000 respectively, along with trophies. In the women’s 10k winners were: Soranyi Rodríguez in 1st, Jaiza Sánchez in 2nd, and Franchesca Pineda in 3rd, who received RD $7,000, RD $5,000, and RD $3,000 respectively, as well as their trophies.

The event closed with a raffle for all runners, who had the opportunity to win weekends and day passes in hotels, as well as tablets, supplements and Vita Salud vitamins, discount vouchers to One Way Bike, BM Cargo and Jet Pack, and gift certificates from Pink store, Aroma Corporal product baskets, teeth whitening services by Dental Integral, among other gifts courtesy of the sponsors.

This was definitely a great start to the last day of the weekend! We were able to see many familiar faces from our Casa de Campo community supporting the event as well as having a great time with the activities that took place throughout the day. Congratulations, 026 Runners for an amazing race! The organization and security were on point and we hope to see many more activities like this in the near future! 

*Pictures provided by 026 Runners

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