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Tasting the new menu at the Beach Club

Beach_Club_by_le_cirque_5A few weeks ago we interviewed  Anthony Masas and got a preview of the new Beach Club by Le Cirque menu (click here to see the full interview). In the video interview he even showed us step-by-step instructions of one of his new favorite recipes. This week we visited the Beach Club again and tried 16 of the new menu items! Don’t worry, we shared!

The new menu maintains some of the Beach Club’s signature dishes, and now includes healthy, fresh and light options which are perfect for these hot summer months. We also love that Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Healthy Dishes are labeled throughout the new menu. Before heading over to the Beach Club to try the menu yourself, browse through some of our top picks to get your appetites going!

Goat Cheese Salad with Sweet Plantain, Pancetta and Arugula

The flambéd sweet plantains and goat cheese pair very well with the “peppery-mustardy” flavor of the arugula. The slightly salty and cured pancetta ties all the flavors together in the refreshing salad that we highly recommend as dinner appetizer.

*Gluten Free
*Available on the dinner menu

Brick-Oven Iberico, Truffle and Fresh Tomato Pizza

Imagine a perfectly thin, delicate and warm crust topped with cold ricotta cheese, fresh tomatoes and “Jamón Ibérico” (Iberian Ham) drizzled with truffle oil. It’s pretty much a refreshing salad on top of a perfect brick-oven pizza crust!

*Available on the lunch & dinner menus

Mango Gazpacho with Cucumber Tartar

Chef Masas is really nailing the fusion between traditional Spanish dishes with a bit of this Caribbean island’s flare! We are convinced that the Mango Gazpacho will become one of your favorites once you try it. The sweetness of the mango paired with the very subtle hint of garlic is this velvety gazpacho’s secret weapon.


*Gluten Free
*Healthy Dish
*Available on the lunch menu

Beef and Suckling Pork Burger with Melted Mozzarella, Red Onions and Cilantro

You read that right… beef AND suckling pork burger with fondue-type mozzarella cheese perfectly melted and laid on a homemade bun! You cannot begin to imagine how our table went crazy over this one. We think the description speaks of the awesomeness of this dish for itself, so you will just have to go and try it.


*Available on the lunch menu

Been Tenderloin with Yam and Broccoli Purée with Mushroom Marmalade

The meat, cooked through to your liking, is topped with a mushroom sauce that is incredibly flavorful yet delicate. We know when the dish is superb when the side dish – the yam and broccoli purée, stands out on its own and warrants ordering the main part of the dish just to try it!


*Gluten Free
*Available on the dinner menu

Salmón with Cauliflower Purée with Citrus Emulsión and Herb Salad  

The thick salmon fillet has a perfectly charred and crunchy crust while the inside is so soft it practically melts in your mouth. It is topped with a tangy herb salad and served next to a very light cauliflower purée that compliments the salmon nicely.


*Gluten Free
*Available on the dinner menu

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