Altos de Chavon

Proposals in Casa! Altos de Chavón’s idyllic setting for Ruben and Michelle

Altos de Chavón proposal

We love a good love story, especially when it happens right outside our offices! Earlier this week as the afternoon sun settled on the Chavón plaza, we stumbled upon the sweetest proposal…

Altos de Chavón proposalFriends and family in town for a nearby wedding in Bayahibe popped over to Casa de Campo for the day to tour the area that they had only so far seen in pictures and videos.

Admiring the craftsmanship of Altos de Chavón and its magnificent view of the river, the group took the opportunity to take many pictures and pose in front of the St. Stanislaus Church. After several fun captures and some funny ones too, Ruben, a tall gentleman in the crowd said, “Ok ok, one more!” before kneeling down in front of Michelle. 

Michelle said it was quite a shock to her and that his family surely knows how to keep a secret! She said she could not have asked for a better place and time. Ruben told Casa de Campo Living that he had fallen in love with the history of Altos de Chavón and its architecture; “I knew this had to be the place to tell her I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.”

The couple from New York have so far visited Bayahibe and Samaná and hope to plan more visits to the Dominican Republic, exploring the island. They say that Casa de Campo is now one of their favorite places in the DR, and that a Casa destination wedding could be in the mix!

We certainly hope you return. Good luck to you both and our best wishes!!


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