Open Evening at the Abraham Lincoln School

abraham lincoln schoolOn Wednesday April the 25th 2012, the Abraham Lincoln School in Central Romana opened it’s doors for a spectacular “Open Evening”, when the students and staff of the school proudly welcomed their parents, families and friends to discover all this magnificent school has to offer!

abraham lincoln school

With all the school’s staff in attendance, visitors were able to visit all the school’s classrooms, both in lower school and upper school, where they watched school videos, and admired the pupil’s work, as well as taking part in the action – building models, completing demonstrations, participating in mathematical games and even scientific experiments. With so many impressive things to see and do, everyone had a great time and all the parents left feeling incredibly proud of their little ones!

Many interesting experiments took place inside Dr Parker’s lab!
abraham lincoln school

abraham lincoln schoolParents were also very impressed by the artistic work of the children, which was on display in every classroom – and which will be on display at the end of this month in the Altos de Chavón gallery during the annual Abraham Lincoln School Art Exhibit. The exhibit will be inaugurated in Friday the 25th of May, so we look forward to seeing you there!
[Click here for photos of last year's Abraham Lincoln School Art Exhibit]

The star attraction was undoubtedly the model of the Central Romana Sugar Factory – which was so impressive it has already been requested by one of the company’s executives to display in the Central Romana offices! This wonderful model was created by 8th grade pupils;  Maria Tejada, Victoria Schnirpel, Lauren Ramirez and Francisco Hernandez.

An impressive model of the Central Romana Sugar Factory 
central romana

The Abraham Lincoln School is situated on a beautiful campus in Central Romana, La Romana, where students and staff get to work in a friendly and enjoyable environment and make use of outstanding resources, all of which were on display during Open Evening.

The school, which was founded in 1917, has a very proud history of academic and sporting achievement and this recent event only adds to that tradition.

Learning about World War 2 with Miss Parker 
abraham lincoln school

“Abraham Lincoln School truly is a school to be proud of and the Open Evening event is yet another example of the excellent work that takes place and highlights the wonderful resources we enjoy. I want to thank everyone who attended and congratulate our teachers and students who worked so hard in preparation for this unforgettable evening.”

— Mr. Magee, Headmaster at the Abraham Lincoln School

The following photos were taken during the Opening Evening at the Abraham Lincoln School in Central Romana – and I think you will agree they really show off the school at it’s best!

The Abraham Lincoln School

abraham lincoln schoolThe Abraham Lincoln School, located within Central Romana, in the town of La Romana, is a private school for the children of employees of the Central Romana Corporation, but is also attended by other children who pay yearly tuition fees

The Abraham Lincoln School is an “English school” which means that classes are taught to a British standard curriculum and all the teachers are British, with the exception of course of the teachers who teach Spanish, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and PE who are Dominican. This means that the majority of classes are taught in English and children command both English and Spanish.

Although the curriculum is British, grades are awarded according to the American GPA system and the pupils also take the “Dominican National Exams”, allowing pupils to continue their education at universities in the USA or within the Dominican Republic, as well as in Europe.

Classes go from pre-kinder to 12th grade.

Math classroom at the Abraham Lincoln School
abraham lincoln school