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NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital holds symposium on the latest research in precision medicine

Led by experts David Goldstein PhD, and Louise Bier MS, the symposium, “The Future of Precision Medicine: How to Harness DNA for Personalized Medicine” took place at the JW Marriott Hotel Santo Domingo with more than 250 special guests, amongst them were prestigious doctors and well-known entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic.

Dr. Goldstein, director of the Institute of Genomic Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, spoke about how this new model of research – based on the patient’s genes – can diagnose and treat diseases (from cancer to neurological complications) individually. This researcher of human genetic variation asserted: “With the amazing advances in DNA sequencing, computer science, and clinical medicine, it is a fact that the number of diseases diagnosed and treated based on human genome sequence information will increase dramatically over the next decade. “

Following up on this, the director of Genetic Counseling and Clinical Participation at the Institute of Genomic Medicine, Dr. Louise Bier said: “As we learn more about the relationship between genetic mutations, human biology, and disease, the sequence of the genetically engineered gene.” Genome will play a central role in the practice of medicine.”

In addition to this, both specialists, closely linked to advanced genetic research, emphasized that both Columbia University Medical Center and the Institute of Genomic Medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital are prepared to continue on with the advances in precision medicine.

It should be noted that Columbia University Medical Center is an international leader in basic, preclinical, and clinical research, as well as in education in the fields of Medicine, Science and Patient Care. Similarly, the NewYork-Presbyterian Institute of Genomic Medicine is one of the most comprehensive academic health care systems in the United States and the world. In fact, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, which has been offering its medical services in the Dominican Republic since 2014, is currently recognized as one of the best research and medical education center, as well as clinical care focused on the patient.


logoThe NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, ranked # 1 in New York City for 16 consecutive years, and currently has more top doctors than any other hospital in the United States. It is one of the largest academic medical centers in the United States that offers the latest advances in all areas of medicine. For more information, please contact the NYP Ambassador in the Dominican Republic Ms. Nancy Velázquez at [email protected] and 829-764-1160 or visit us at

* Photos & information courtesy of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

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