Memories of Casa de Campo: Altos de Chavon is a Work of Art

04 grocery store El Mercadito in AltosAltos de Chavon is the art colony extraordinaire. I’ve always felt that Los Altos itself is a work of art – Artisans from the Dominican Republic built the entire village out of small and medium size stones. Many of the stones have been designed into sculptures and mosaics.

During the time I lived in Altos (1987 through 1993) there was always something happening that involved artists; the Altos de Chavon Museum always displayed artifacts from ancient Taino times, and the Altos de Chavon Art Gallery regularly presented exhibits of contemporary art, as it still does today. In 1988, an arts and crafts fair held in the main plaza.

Art exhibit Flor

The artists-in-residence at the Altos School of Design had an annual art show at the Galleria. Carla Golembe is a well known artist who was artist-in-residence at the Altos School of, and the below silkscreen is from her Sleeping Woman series.

For more information on Carla Golembe click here.

Carla Golembe silkscreen