Dominican Republic

UPDATE: Bolita is home!!

UPDATE: Bolita was found and is back with her owners! Thanks for your help getting her home!

It is sad to hear that yet another dog is lost in Casa de Campo! This is Bolita. She is a brown Viszla and she’s lost and alone somewhere in Casa de Campo – please help us find her!

Bolita belongs to Pedro and Jasmin Brache who live in Barranca Este #59. Bolita was last seen on Friday, June 30th around the neighborhood. She was heard around the forest area between Las Cañas 2 and Barranca Este. She is an all brown Viszla and wears a bright yellow collar around her neck, but there’s also the possibility she might have removed it. 

If you find Bolita or have any information please contact Jasmin Brache at (809) 780-0375 or by email at [email protected].

Please SHARE so we can help get Bolita home as quickly as possible! THANK YOU!

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