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Get to know the Casa de Campo Shooting Center and its facilities at their cocktail this Friday!

In all the years I have lived in this small piece of paradise and where many come to vacation, I’ve always been intrigued by what goes on in Casa de Campo’s Shooting Center. The Shooting Center may be something of a mystery to a few Casa de Campo guests and residents, but this Friday that all changes… The entire community is invited to explore and get to know more of what’s considered one of the best shooting facilities in the world.

The Shooting Center at Casa de Campo was recognized as “The World’s Best Clay Pigeon Ground” by Alex Brant in his book, The World’s Best Shoots thanks to the “challenging variations of each shot so the novice and expert alike can test their skills.” This Friday, April 21st all Casa de Campo residents and guests are invited to join Gary Salmon, Casa de Campo’s Shooting Center director, for an exciting evening of shooting, food, drinks, & fun at Casa de Campo’s world renowned Shooting Center. There will be a shooting demonstration and shoot off, Atlantico Rum tasting & cigar rolling demonstration, as well as a BBQ! It’s a great opportunity to have fun, learn more of the shooting center, and embark on an amazing new adventure. Maybe you pick up the sport!


The event will also let us in on all the exciting new activities to take place in the center in the near future, such as this year’s sports summer camp for kids and the new Junior Shooting Academy. The academy will give participants the chance to learn safe gun handling, marksmanship, and different shooting disciplines, such as trap, skeet, and sporting clays at the resort’s remarkable 245-acre Shooting Center. Sessions are available every Monday for $70 a month, providing a warm, fun, and traditional atmosphere for children ages 7-17 in one of the world’s finest resorts, perched on the Caribbean Sea with facilities to offer guests a challenging and exciting experience.

“This program is an opportunity for young, aspiring marksmen to participate in an activity that can be recreational and competitive, while learning the authentic process of shooting,” said Andrés Pichardo Rosenberg, president of Casa de Campo; “By extending the program to the younger crowd, all guests will be able to enjoy our top-notch service and sporting facilities.”


This is something I’m definitely excited to try out at this Friday’s event and hope you are too! We hear many more exciting things are in the works in the Casa de Campo Shooting Center and will be sitting down with Gary to get all the details — in the meantime don’t miss what will be a great way to start the weekend! 

Junior Shooting Academy


Casa de Campo Shooting Center Cocktail

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